beginning web development

location: Omaha Public Library, Milton R. Abrahams Branch computer lab

Saturdays, October 13 - November 17

In this course, students will learn the basics of making web pages with HTML and CSS.

HTMelle is a 6 week introductory coding class for students* in 7th through 12th grade who are brand new to coding! A home computer is not required to take this class. This class is a prerequisite for our winter class in which students build on their HTML and CSS skills, learn a bit about JavaScript and DOM manipulation, and create their own websites.

Sandi Barr and Trisha Gawley will be the instructors for this class. Aryani Suhitha Roy Gotoor, Lauren Shultz, Ella Hubbard, Nevaeh Johnson, Apurva Hari, and Anjali Jayan will be working one-on-one with the students in the classroom to help them do their best work.

We ask that all of our students adhere to these Classroom Guidelines when participating in our programs.

*This class is all female students including those who were not assigned female at birth and those who identify as femme, gender fluid, or gender non-conforming.

Table of Contents

  • Week 1: HTML Basics
  • Week 2: Introduction to CSS
  • Week 3: Style Text with CSS
  • Week 4: CSS Box Model
  • Week 5: CSS Layouts with Position and Flexbox
  • Week 6: Combining CSS Selectors and Specificity

Student Handouts

Week 1 - Saturday, October 13th


  • Gmail - sign up for gmail if you don't already have a gmail account that is your own that you can access from the library
  • Khan Academy - sign up for an account on Khan Academy
    • Use google authorization to create a new account or just use your gmail address with a password to sign up
    • Join our class by going to and entering the class code given to you by the teacher
  • CodePen - sign up for an account on CodePen


Week 2 - Saturday, October 20th


Week 3 - Saturday, October 27th


Week 4 - Saturday, November 3rd


Week 5 - Saturday, November 10th


Week 6 - Saturday, November 17th